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Road to 4-0 with Professional Boxer Darren Townley

James Smith

Posted on July 24 2016

Road to 4-0 with Professional Boxer Darren Townley
We recently caught up with Boundless Brand Ambassador Darren Townley as he prepares for his fourth professional fight and what he hopes to be a fourth consecutive win. Here is what he had to say, go check out his Facebook & Instagram accounts to stay up to date with his progress @darren_townley012
How does it feel to make the move from amateur boxing to professional?
It feels great! I have always been more suited to the professional style of boxing, and that was always my aim. I like more rounds & longer fights where your fitness & hard work really comes into play!
Three consecutive wins, how are you feeling about your up coming fight? 
Yes, the last three contests have gone exactly how we planned & trained for! Two points wins & and a knockout victory. I can't wait to get back in there on the 30th. Trainings gone great & I'm ready to do the business again.
How does it feel fighting in your home City?
It's a great feeling having all your family and friends there, it really does give you that extra push during those tough rounds. 
Does your training change on the run up to a fight? What would a standard day consist of for you?
Yes when I'm not training for a contest I will always tick over & stay fit but when we start an eight week camp we step up the training. It varies every day but consists of lots of sparring & pad work with my coach Jack Green. Lots of strength & conditioning at Total Rebuild Fitness & Strength & the Life Centre. There is also plenty of disgusting runs! Fight week is always an easier week as we taper down ready to peak on fight night!
What does your nutrition consist of when training?
I have to be very strict in order to bring my weight down to 63.5kg. Medhi from @Fuelcatering preps my meals, they are perfect for my diet, they taste fantastic & still give me enough energy to train hard!
How do you manage to stay disciplined and motivated when surrounded by temptation?
Haha, I'm used to it now seeing my friends eating pizzas or nice big meals when I've got to have portions of a mouse! But I'm happy to do it to get where I want to be, to be honest I never struggle with motivation. I always want to win more then anything & the feeling of getting your hand raised at the end of a contest beats any temptation so it's all good, I can deal with it!
What is the thing you most look forward to when finishing a training camp?
Spending time with family & friends which you miss out on & getting as fat as I possible can until the next camp! Haha, not really I keep fit but I do look forward to a pack of revels or two! 
Lastly, whats next for you after next weekend's fight?
Steve & the Goodwin Team along with my coach have said if I win this one then I could get a shot at the British challenge belt so that gives me serious motivation for this fight, as that title will be massive for me! Can I just say a big thank you to Boundless for the quality gear they have helped me with I love it, great bunch of guys to deal with! 

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