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Sometimes It Happens

Boundless Defy Limitations pride ourselves on being able to provide quality products but occasionally faults occur which can be upsetting and inconvenient, but we assure you we will do everything we can to rectify a genuine fault with minimal delay.

With our experience in the design, manufacture, retail and use of products we can identify any fault with manufacture or material and make the appropriate judgment quickly to get you back to doing what you love to do.


Boundless Defy Limitations provide a limited one year warranty from the original purchase date a to the original owner on workmanship and materials.

The warranty covers you against material and manufacturing defects that become apparent during the warranty period. Defects are classified as:

  • Imperfections in materials causing failure
  • Failure of a component used in the product

If a product is proven to be mishandled, misused, altered, repaired by an unauthorised third party or unreasonably treated then the warranty may be null and void.

The warranty does not cover anything that is considered within the design parameters of the product. For example, A waterproof jacket will be waterproof however water may ingress through a gap in the neck or running down a sleeve.

Boundless Defy Limitations will determine the basis of a warranty claim and submitting a claim does not guarantee a repair or replacement. Products returned will be examined by Boundless Defy Limitations and or authorised repairers who will make a professional judgment based on the physical evidence and any supporting information supplied. Boundless Defy Limitations will inform you of the outcome and the action taken which will be either repair, replace or reject the claim.

This warranty gives specific legal rights; it does not affect any other statutory rights you may have as a consumer and which may vary from country to country

The Following Will Not Be Covered Under Warranty

Any repairs, or alterations attempted or done by anyone other than an authorised Boundless Defy Limitations Europe repair facility. Damage from sunlight, chlorine, other detergent products improper use or lack of appropriate care. Any damage beyond the product’s natural life expectancy. Products classified as seconds, samples, or used. Products outside the express terms of the guarantee.

Claims Cannot Be Processed

Without valid proof of purchase.