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Insulator Jacket-Black

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Lightweight Insulator is designed as a lightweight storable insulator that great for layering under a shell or to be worn for added warmth.

Primaloft is known as the benchmark in performance of all synthetic insulations. Synthetic insulation maintains much of its insulating ability when wet, continues to keep you warm, and dries more quickly than your typical down insulator. Synthetic layers are ideal for wet, cold climates or any activity where you might get wet from rain, snow or ice melt. Extremely thin fibers capture body heat in the countless tiny air pockets that exist between the fibers. The thinness of the fibers allows for more trapped air and also allows for a relatively good compressibility.

The quilted interior serves as an extra layer of insulation, protecting the wearer from colder temperatures. Quilting has a superior warmth to weight ratio, making it lightweight and therefore more packable.